Barefoot Trimming


Your horse has character and so do you. How can two beings, so different from each other, work together in unity? Throw off the burden of frustration and find where your hearts align.

Follow Their Hearts and Follow Yours Too.
Follow Our Hearts

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Natural Horsemanship

Did you know that your horse has five 'hearts?'  One that beats inside their chest, and  one on the end of each leg.  YES! The hooves are made to pump blood!  Follow what their hearts need.

Your heart is important. 

 Horses can teach us SO much about ourselves, if we are willing to open our hearts and learn. But if you want a kick-start, help over a plateau, or to reach a personal goal - Best Self here you come.

Here at Follow Our Hearts I don't just believe that your horse is special, I believe you are too.  You are an exceptional person looking for 'something better' for yourself and your horse.  Are you ready to use your love of horses to bring you to the next step?